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My frequented sites. A couple from Vegas, and a few specific sites! I am Shwell on these sites.

The pic below links to the club i am apart of; "SinCity SportBikes MC". These gauys/gals are like a family in most cases. We all share a love for what we do, and that is ride. This is not a bike/speed specific group, thyey are a group of mature adults wo like to convey an image of responsibilty and safety. All our members ride with gear, no gear, no ride. Dress for the crash.. We are also a bunch of track whores; we love trackdays, out at Parhrump, or Las Vegas Motor Speedway.. Either way we cannot lose.






Favorite Sites

Info for Vegas Riders

Info on Vegas Riding

Cycle Forums for all Bikers

Anything Motorcycle related can be found on this site!

Anotha Busa Central

Suzuki Hayabusa specific site!

GSXR dedicated

Gat a GSXR, this is the place to go!

Vegas Stunters Site

For info on the stunt scene in Vegas

Need Gear

Paul and the gang are waiting for you see their great selection and pricing

Need Parts!

Micro fiche are avail and so are all the OEM parts you need