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My Photo Gallery

A minor collection of my pictures. Everything Moto related! Enjoy!

Busa in Race trim

750 at the track leaning on 'em

R6 reppin for Yamaha!

Red Rock Canyon (Vegas)

You dont' want any of this!!

Ready for anything!

2002 Dodge Durango.. Dodge is the only way to go!

Utah '05


Scarey isn't it!!!

We Loved Utah '05

Utah '05 again!

Beautiful Landscape in utah '05

Walt @ the spot in O'Town!

Carl and Chris doin what they do!

Carl's ZX7 killin'em

Annual Turkey Bowl '04

C Rob doin'em DIRTY!!

Chris in the REX!!!!!! Lovin it!

Take Dat!

My man Armand Peacing me out at the track.

R6 is an outstanding Track Bike!

750 still reppin the 702

Ready to race?? Work in progress!

Almost done!

More Red Rock (Vegas)

750 @ the track!

Sunset in Vegas


Born and bread!!!!


The harder I work, the better I live!!! And that is the truth!!